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Home Staging Tips for an Attractive Bathroom

In case you were wondering what works best when Houston Home Stagers stage a bathroom, here are a few great ideas to remember:

  1. You can never go wrong with fresh white towels.  White represents clean and pure.  This is definitely the image you want to portray in the bathing area.  Remember this is the space where people will bath themselves so it must first be spotless and sparkly-shiney clean.  Pay close attention to grout lines.  Everyone checks them, so you should too.
  2. Spa like items placed in a basket or foundational area represent relaxation after a long day at work.  It’s inviting, and it helps potential buyers see themselves bathing in the very clean like-new tub area.  Be sure not to over-do it.  You want to paint a picture of relaxation WITHOUT calling out to much attention to the decor.
  3. Color coordinate art work and bathroom accessories.  Use bathroom related wall art that coordinates well with the soaps, towels, loofas, etc.  It gives a sense that the space professionally staged and well cared for and also cries out “I’m a bathroom and you really need me to relax”.  One or two items on the sink counter top works best, such as an orchid or soap dispenser.  Be creative and have fun but also remember to decorate moderately.

Check out the following article for more home staging tips in the bathroom:

11 Home Staging Tips, Attractive Bathroom Decorating.

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