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Home Staging Tutorials: Over & Under Staging

The awareness of Home Staging in the Houston area continues to grow among Real Estate Investors, Builders, & Realtors. No doubt by now if you have worked in or encountered the Houston Real Estate market at all you have seen many photos, videos and maybe even toured several homes that are staged.  Many have already reaped the rewards of home staging their property by receiving at or over listing price, a quick sale or have even encountered bidding wars.  Home staging is no longer considered a luxury, but rather essential to...

Is the Houston Home Staging Business For You?

At Home Staging For Houston, we often receive phone calls and emails from realtors, aspiring stagers, and even interior designers who want to know more about the concepts and strategies used for home staging and how to get started in a home staging business.  Many people are fascinated by this business but really aren't sure what to do to get started in it.  Home staging is much more than placing a flower pot on the floor and a few items on the counter and hoping for the best....