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Vacant Staging vs. Unstaged

Do you need to have your vacant flip or new build staged?  Watch the following video to get pricing, turn around time and before and after pictures from Home Staging For Houston. Realtors, Investors, Builders and just about anyone wanting to maximize the value of your Houston Real Estate listing we have the furniture, accessories … Read More

The Cost of Home Staging

What you may not know about the cost of Home Staging….   Houston Home Staging Prices | (832) 301-5696 Call (832) 301-5696 for Houston Home Staging Prices and and quick Cost Estimate. With the cost of living constantly on the rise and the need to stay competitive in the real estate industry, it’s pretty obvious that … Read More

Home Staging Tutorials: Over & Under Staging

The awareness of Home Staging in the Houston area continues to grow among Real Estate Investors, Builders, & Realtors. No doubt by now if you have worked in or encountered the Houston Real Estate market at all you have seen many photos, videos and maybe even toured several homes that are staged.  Many have already reaped … Read More