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How to Stage Your Home Like a Celebrity – ABC News

GMA features home staging on a Saturday morning! Check out how home staging brings a 20% return to your asking price.  Even Hollywood celebrities with the most beautiful and luxurious homes understand the power of home staging and will call on home stagers to gain the largest profit when selling their homes. How to Stage Your Home Like a Celebrity - ABC News. For Home Staging In Houston, check out this video...

Home Staging: 2013 Home Staging Statistics

Houston Real Estate Professionals!  Ever wondered why in the world you should invest in home staging?  Does it really work?  Is it worth your time?  At Home Staging For Houston, we would like to allow the statistics to do the talking to answer those questions for you.  With the awareness of Home Staging on the rise, more and more Houston Real Estate Investors are resorting to Home Staging for a quick sale as well as to command full price or higher offers.  Let's talk about what is happening right...