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Home Staging and Design Consistency

Design consistency throughout the home often reveals the difference between the “seasoned" flipper and one who is not.  Experienced real estate investors know when the design conception throughout the home is consistent there is less confusion when potential buyers are touring the home.  Whether a person knows very little about home design or not, they will usually always notice a “color circus” or a cross between design styles and colors and vise versa.   Design inconsistencies can be a potential negative when your buyer tours the next home...

Home Staging and Paint Colors

Light is the greatest factor that comes into play when choosing a paint color.  The amount of natural light coming into a space will help determine your color choice as well as the ceiling height and the openness of a space.  Smaller, closed in spaces tend to call out for a brighter color to make it feel larger where as a large open space is generally ok for darker colors.  Remember when choosing a wall color it must contrast well with the base, trim, doors and cabinet colors...